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New Improved Version Of CERTivity KeyStores Manager – CERTivity 1.1 Released

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A new improved version of CERTivity KeyStores Manager - CERTivity 1.1 was released and it is now available for download. Version 1.1, is built just like the first version - CERTivity 1.0, on top of the NetBeans platform, using the advantages that it provides, and although it is not a major version, it contains new important features, updates and bug fixes which improve usability and allow the user to have an even more pleasant experience working with Digital Signing, Cryptographic Keys Management and Public Key Infrastructure.

CERTivity 1.1 introduces features such as the capability to digitally sign and verify signatures on Android Application Package (APK) files, making this version of CERTivity compatible with signing tools other than the JDK’s, such as the Android SDK tools. Also, as an improvement of the signature verification mechanism, version 1.1 allows importing certificates into the active KeyStore directly from the signature verification result dialogs for the Verify JAR / APK, PDF and XML actions.

The new version allows discovering and opening the Java(s) CA KeyStores(s) from the Java Virtual Machines installed on the current system, and not only from the main JVM, in the situation in which there are more JVMs installed (for example when the system has both 32 and 64 bit java versions installed).

CERTivity 1.1 provides Certificate Extensions management as well. It can create and add extensions to a certificate when generating a new KeyPair or a CA Reply (after signing a CSR), view the extensions structure at creation time as XML, save the extensions into XML template files and loading them back when creating a new KeyPair.

The new version of CERTivity contains features which anticipate the transition to secure RSA keys, as Microsoft announces that the use of the RSA keys that are less than 1024 bits long will be blocked. These features include the possibility to set the minimum key size allowed for generating RSA Key Pairs and display warnings when generating key pairs having the size less than the minimum value set. The RSA keys which are less than the minimum value accepted will be marked in the KeyStore tree table view in different color to be easily spotted.

Also, there were included some other features which can ease the work for users, such as the possibility to generate a new Key Pair using some of the information from an existing one, the possibility to retrieve SSL certificates by using (pasting) a HTTPS URL instead of specifying separately the host and port number (option which is still available) or better default shortcuts such as the F2 key (usually used by Windows Explorer) for renaming.

Apart from the new features which have been added, CERTivity 1.1 has fixed the issues found in version 1.0, such as focus lost and entry selection issues. Also some corrections and uniformity have been performed for the File Choosers.

Just like for the previous version, CERTivity 1.1 has a Free Trial period to fully evaluate the new features. The new version can be tried for 30 days even in parallel with the previous version.

A trial license for the new version can be obtained from

CERTivity 1.1 can be downloaded together with its documentation from

More information about the features and updates from the new version of CERTivity can be found on, or on the main website