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New Improved Version Of CERTivity KeyStores Manager – CERTivity 1.1 Released

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A new improved version of CERTivity KeyStores Manager - CERTivity 1.1 was released and it is now available for download. Version 1.1, is built just like the first version - CERTivity 1.0, on top of the NetBeans platform, using the advantages that it provides, and although it is not a major version, it contains new important features, updates and bug fixes which improve usability and allow the user to have an even more pleasant experience working with Digital Signing, Cryptographic Keys Management and Public Key Infrastructure.

CERTivity 1.1 introduces features such as the capability to digitally sign and verify signatures on Android Application Package (APK) files, making this version of CERTivity compatible with signing tools other than the JDK