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Jazz Desktop Application Framework 1.6.1 released

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Java Swing framework for developing rich client applications
Jazz provides an infrastructure for writing (large-scale) applications and enforces
clean separation of presentation and business logic.

The HMVC-based architecture lets you build complex applications that are easily modularized and tested.

• Easy to learn, simple to use, all code is written in Java
• Swing knowledge is preferred but not necessary
• Works with existing POJO's, no need to extend/implement Jazz specific classes/interfaces
• Works with existing layoutmanager, look and feel (built-in support for Mac OSX)
• No xml configuration, consistent API, typesafe generic components and Enum constants
• Say goodbye to JFrame, JDialog, Swing models (TableModel/etc), listeners (ActionListener/etc),
the framework takes care of that for you
• All the components you need for the GUI including DateChooser, TreeTable, auto-completion and more
• One programming language (Java) to develop applications for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
• Single jar (±500kb) with no third party dependencies!

• Hierarchical Model-View-Controller
• Asynchronous Multi-Threading
• Event-Driven Architecture
• Internationalization
• Data Binding
• Validation
• Forms

For more information see the website

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