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CERTivity KeyStores Manager 1.0 Released

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CERTivity KeyStores Manager 1.0 has been released this month and is available for download.

CERTivity KeyStores Manager is a powerful pure Java multi-platform IDE for managing cryptographic keys, KeyStores for storing the keys and key pairs, digital certificates intensively used by SSL, and, last but not least, creating and verifying digital signatures on files and documents.

This tool covers and combines many functions which can be found in various command line tools, but, it does not intend to be just a simple replacer for all of these. As the features are combined and centralized having an intuitive and productive organization, and having a rich GUI, CERTivity is offering to developers and system administrators, and to all users the possibility to spend less time taking care of low level details and concentrate on important stuff, therefore offering the possibility to maximize productivity.

CERTivity provides for creation and usage of many KeyStore types such as the well known Java JKS, JCEKS, PKCS#12, or the Bouncy Castle types BKS and UBER and even the native Windows ones. Many editing operations such as changing the passwords, conversions, entry deletions are available. KeyStores are organized in a Tree View like structure.

CERTivity covers many algorithms which can be used for creating the private key pairs and secret keys which can be stored within KeyStores. CERTivity supports extending the validity of self-signed certificates, obtaining revocation information and even testing SSL certificates against SSL connections.

CERTivity also offers the possibility to sign well known file types such as PDF and XML documents, or JAR files. Also, in addition to signing, CERTivity offers the possibility to verify signatures on documents already signed and visualize/export the associated certificates.

CERTivity can digitally sign, by public/private-key encrypted byte range digest, PDF documents supporting all the SubFilter values (according to the PDF reference, version 1.7):
- "adbe.x509.rsa_sha1";
- "adbe.pkcs7.detached";
- "adbe.pkcs7.sha1".

In addition to PDF signing, this tool offers the possibility for verifying the validity of the signatures on PDF documents, displaying valuable information about the verification process with "intriguing" details which can be of interest to developers or analysts.

CERTivity can also sign and verify XML documents. XML signatures can be applied to XML files, HTML pages, binary-encoded data and any XML-encoded data. More than this, CERTivity can verify XML signatures using either the certificates embedded in the signature, or using an external certificate.

CERTivity has the ability to sign and verify JAR files, too. The process of signing and verifying is made much easier by the GUI, which makes it a more pleasant experience than using equivalent command line tools.

The tool released by EduLib supports other PKI functions and standards as well, which can be of interest to any developer, network administrator, or just everyone who has intersected with the X.509-based Public Key Infrastructure.

More information can be found on The documentation and the product itself are available at

A free 30-days evaluation license key can be obtained from: