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Awake File: Easy file uploads & downloads through HTTP in Java

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Awake File is a secure Open Source framework which enables Android and Java Desktop developers to very easily implement file uploads and downloads through HTTP.

Security has been taken into account from the design stage: server side configuration allows to specify strong security rules in order to protect the files.

Awake File is licensed through the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v2.1): you can use it for free and without any constraints in your open source projects as well as in your commercial applications.

Features include:

  • Uploading files to a remote JavaEE server.
  • Downloading files from a remote JavaEE server.
  • Listing remote directories.
  • Creating/deleting remote directories.
  • Calling a remote java method without complicated setup.
  • Defining strong security rules for all these operations.
  • Displaying nice progress indicators to your users during uploads & downloads.

For more information, please visit: