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Where does MultiSplitLayout store/retrieve updated weights once dividers are dragged?

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I have a question concerning JXMultiSplitPane's MultiSplitLayout.

Whenever I build my layout using weights (say 0.5 and 0.5 for two LEAF children seperated by a DIVIDER) and then I start dragging the divider at runtime (to alter the weights to say 0.2 and 0.8), isn't the weight property of every LEAF node automatically updated in the model?

If not, how come is it possible to retrieve the latest state of a layout when for example passing the same layout instance to another JXMultiSplitPane? (i.e. how come the other JXMultiSplitPane will retrieve the latest 0.2/0.8 weights if the weight properties of the nodes still contain the values 0.5/0.5?) I guess the bounds property is then the one being used?

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