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SwingX-WS Development

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What is the current status of the project? Is it possible to join the SwingX-WS porject as a developer? What are the requirements?

Thanks in advance,

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Joined: 2003-06-11

Hi Nandor,

project status is lifeless - except for some extremely lightweight maintenance to keep it in sync with current releases of swingx, at least at the compile level. Technically, the sole admin of swingx-ws is Fabricio, that's the one who would decide about new committers.

As an aside, not having an admin role is a annoying, without I couldn't install the project's website - having none prevented to deploy a webstartable in swingx-ws, that's why the debugging webstart landed in swinglabs-demos.

As to requirements: nothing formal beyond convincing us that you are a good enough developer to not blow up existing code :-) Typically that's done by contributing to forums, issue-tracker, incubator or some history of such contributions to other projects.

Just drop us a mail with some details (the email adress of members is


BTW: are you the same person who answered my question over at SO?