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Multiple selection in a "combobox"

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Does SwingX offer anything like a "combobox" with multiple-item selection?
I need to convert an MSAccess database to a Java Desktop application. One of the widgets provided by MSAccess is a (very handy) combobox that allows multiple items to be selected. When the widget is clicked, a popup menu appears, with each item having a checkbox next to it for selection. If the list of items is long, the menu includes a vertical scrollbar.
As far as I can tell, there's nothing in basic Swing that comes close to this. I realize JList offers multiple-selection, but the real estate requirement is too large. I need something that pops-up from a small space.
Is there anything in SwingX that would work for me? (If not, may I suggest that such a widget be included in SwingX?)

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We don't have any such beast. If you're interested in contributing something, we're always open to that.