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JXComboBox with different autocomplete values for each cell in a JXTable

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Joined: 2005-01-10

Yesterday I had some difficulty getting a JXComboBox with autocomplete working correctly in a JXTable. I eventually got the system working nicely with the following code applied as part of a table column model:

DefaultTableColumnModelExt model            = new DefaultTableColumnModelExt();
TableColumnExt col0 = new TableColumnExt(0, 40);
JXComboBox partComboBox = new JXComboBox(PartListData.getPart_nos());
col0.setCellEditor(new ComboBoxCellEditor(partComboBox));
col0.setTitle("Part No");
.. other columns
return model;

In the above code, PartListData.getPart_nos() returns a fixed String[] and the same editor is applied to all cells in column 0 of the table.

My new challenge is to use a JXComboBox as an autocomplete editor for String[] data that is different in every cell in the same column. The question is how?

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Joined: 2003-06-11

hmm ... where's the problem?

My first impulse would be to do it the same way as with a standard comboBox as editing component: subclass the editor and update the combo's model in getXXComponent as appropriate.