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My question is about the JRendererLabel.

At the JavaDoc I read the following :
"A JLabel optimized for usage in renderers and with a minimal background painter support."

I thought this is the perfect component for my trees/tables etc.
But a week ago I wonder why my tree table is so slow...
I checked the performance with the VisualVM-Tool. This pointed me to
the paint-Method of JRendererLabel.
After replacing the JRendererLabel with JXLabel I got a much better performance for
my tree table ( JXTreeTable ).

My TreeCellRenderer looks like this :

public class FileSystemTTableTreeRenderer extends JRendererLabel implements
        TreeCellRenderer {
   // ...  

    public Component getTreeCellRendererComponent( JTree tree, Object value,
                                                   boolean selected,
                                                   boolean expanded,
                                                   boolean leaf, int row,
                                                   boolean hasFocus ) {
        // Valid node
        if ( value != null ) {

            setText( /**...*/ );
            setIcon( /**...*/ );
        else {
            setText( "Error" );
            setIcon( null );

        return this;

So my question is where should I use JRendererLabel and where not?

Some performance tests later showed me, that the best way to paint my cells
was do inherit from JComponent and draw a custom BufferedImage at it's paintComponent-Method.
( The tree table should paint a large file system , so more then 10000 rows are not uncommon )


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That's not the SwingX way of handling it. Do NOT subclass JRendererLabel. Use the StringValue, IconValue interfaces to configure the contents. These are passed in the DefaultXXXRenderer classes.