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I want to help out with JXMapKit and JXMapViewer, who can help me?

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Joined: 2007-05-23

I have only just started to look at these components but see they could do with a little help. In particular I've found that workign with tile servers that have multiple servers to reduce load is not supported, I've now overcome this by writing a new tile factory and tile factory info, I've pulled out an TileFactoryInfo to aid with this.

So I have a number of questions.

  1. Who is currently looking after these components? Since they are in swingx-ws I am wondering if it's still maintained
  2. Do we still have a benefit over the OSM maintained JMapViewer? Would a merge between the projects be plausible?
  3. Who can I submit patches to?
  4. Are there currently any refactorring works taking place?

The default map server is the swing-labs map server which no longer appears to exist, will this be returned in the future?

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Joined: 2007-05-23

I've attached a patch file which has refactored a litte, I would like to plan out a lot of refactorrings here if someone could give me rules.

All I've really done is provide support for using multiple servers as supported by all OSM based map services. This support is basic but relies on caching tiles by identity rather than URL as URL's are not static.

I've pulled out some interfaces and abstract classes to assist in doing this. I've tried to supply correct licensing where appropriate.

I would like to help out a lot more, some other ideas I have are:

  • Map servers needs to be quoted, most services require we provide them with a link to their pages, this should be provided in all shipped implementations.
  • API can be a little sticky to use, it's not hard but it is a little fiddly, with some clear interfaces and abstract base implementations for services etc it would make further implementation a lot easier.
  • I don't like the thread model, while a decent start it needs work. For example if you move to a different location or zoom in while prior tiles were still loading, those old tile requests are not lowered in priority (not that I can see) or removed from the request queue, I could be just not seeing it but this seems like it could speed things up by implementing this behaviour.
  • Why does the component cache the tile three times? Twice for the image and once for the tile meta-data, this could be simplified and proxied through a cache.

Is there a component road-map for this control? I've poked about in JIRA and couldn't find any clear component for the control. Is there a plan for this control?

This excellent article is possibly the only documentation I've found. Since there is some abuiguity surrounding usage would an implementors guide be useful?

Joined: 2006-06-08

The swingx-ws currently has no active participants.  You can view a variety of suggested changes by searching this forum.  There have been a lot of good suggestions, but no one has been willing to take up the mantle and manage the map code.


Joined: 2007-05-23

Thanks Karl, I'll have a thorough study of the codebase related to the map components and evaluate the current status, then I'll have a look at the requests.

When you say no active participants do you just mean the mapping component or swing-as as a whole?

Are the code style rules the oracle default? If not could I please have a copy? The code seems a bit of a mix of different styles at the moment.

Is GPL 2.1 still the current license?

After I've performed my evaluation I'll start by submitting patches, who is the best person to submit patches to? Would the project consider migrating to hg or fit based repositories?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.