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How to set Icons When JXTreeTable is disabled

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In Midi.png, you can see a JFrame.
In the left part, I use a JXTreeTable with a lot of features like TreeCellRender, Highlighter, Model...

In MidiDisabled.png,
I Launch a process, this process displays a JProgressBar into a JPanel which is a GlassPane (surrounded by green line) .
This process call JXTreeTable.setEnabled(false) and do what is expected (Lock the component).

But !!!
Icons has changed. Please take a look at the red line and blue lines

Then, I am searching for a way to set these icons. I have tryed with TreeCellRenderer, it doesn't work. Web Searches doesn't provide interesting answers.
Please, I don't need source code, I just need some one show me the right way, I will search for myself (it's better)

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Edit : Solution is in JLabel.setDisabledIcon(...)

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MidiDisabled.png44.23 KB