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Joined: 2011-03-29

Hello everyone,

Can you please add more Documentation to your API?

E.g. the class TreeExpansionBroadcaster is maybe usefull for me, as I am working on an own TreeTable.

Currently I try to understand the advantages/disadvantages of the AbstractTreeTableModel-classes vs TreeTableNode.

I want to write a treetable where the nodes are created on demand. For a custom file browser implementation.

So I don't want to load the complete filesystem into the treetable but only the part the user travers via the treetable.

For now I look for the best place to start the insertion mechanism when the user expand some node...

Any suggestions?

Best regards,


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Joined: 2006-06-08

We are constantly trying to improve the API docs.  If you find an area that needs particular attention, such as this, please file a bug for that.