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Combination JXCollapsiblePane & JSplitPane

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is there a way to combine a JXCollapsiblePane with a JSplitPane so that I can
1. scroll in and out the JXCollapsiblePane and
2. Adjust Height/Width of the JXCollapsiblePane with the JSplitPane?

Example: I have a JXTable at the center and a JXCollapsiblePane at the south of a Panel with BorderLayout. Everything work fine with collapsing the Panel. The Panel scrolls in and out and the table shrinks and expands for the rest of the space. But I can't move the size of the JXCollapsiblePane like a JSplitPane. If I put the JXTable in the top and the JxCollapsiblePane in the bottom óf a JSplitPane, collapsing the Panel in and out didn't work. The size of the JXTable always remains the same.

I have tried different settings. Is there any way to achieve what I want?

Thanks in advance!


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Can you please supply some code with what you are trying to do?


Joined: 2011-06-08

Excuse my bad english!

Hi Karl,

thank you for your interest to help me. I have made a little test class to show what i want.

On the left side is a Panel (BorderLayout) with a big table and a collapsible Pane containing a small table . On the right side is a SplitPane contain both tables like the left side. If you press the button, the collapsible Panes collapse and expands. On the left side this works, but you can't make the small table higher. On the right side the collapsing didn't work but you can make the small table higher.

What i want is to fade in/out the small table and also the possibility for the user to make the small table higher.

Many thanks!