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Swing: all fonts suddenly bold

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I installed JRE7_05 yesterday and suddenly all my UI fonts are rendered in bold. I added 'System.out.println("DM: " + dateiMenu.getFont());' (dateiMenu beeing the leftmost JMenu in the menu bar) to one of the buttons in the toolbar. When I start the program, it looks like screenshot jre6_21.png under JRE6, but like jre7_05.png under JRE7. When I press the button, both JREs give the same output: "DM: javax.swing.plaf.FontUIResource[family=Segoe UI,name=Segoe UI,style=plain,size=12]".

Has anybody seen something like this already? I was not able to reproduce it with a fresh empty project.

jre6_21.png113.99 KB
jre7_05.png124.71 KB