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Peristence Web Service for Rich Client (Swing) applications ??? (CRUD operations)

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Hi All,
I am rewriting my client-server rich client database application (Swing) to a three-tiered application with a Netbeans RCP rich-client.
I don't want to write a custom web-service for each and every persistent class of my application so I thought there may be a generic persistence web-service for CRUD operations.
Is there such a persistence service???
Here are my ideas/requirements:
The service should work with JPA-annotated POJOs so it should use some kind JPA persistence provider on the server. Currently, I am using Hibernate.
The client should receive data and send data with HTTP requests to the server-side of the service, in order to lessen firewall communication problems. HTTP proxy usage should be easily configurable.
The client side of the persistence service can get POJO list results for its JPA QL queries. These queries are sent from the client in the form of a webservice request. It would be nice if several queries could be sent in one webservice request. The client receives POJOs which may have lazy-loaded collections and object references (these are not sent from the server in query-time).
The client side of the persistence service should be able to fulfill lazy-loading requests automatically, when the client application accesses a lazy-loaded attribute in a POJO.
New, updated/dirty or to-be-deleted POJOs can be sent by the client side of the persistence service to the server where the changes get persisted and success/failure statuses are sent back (e.g. the ID which was given to the newly persisted POJOs). Several to-be-saved POJOs could be sent in one request.
Is there such a persistence service???
Thanks in advance,