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Need multi-select "combobox"-like widget

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I need to convert an MSAccess database to a Java Desktop application. One of the widgets provided by MSAccess is a combobox that allows multiple items to be selected. When the widget is clicked, a popup menu appears, with each item having a checkbox next to it for selection. If the list of items is long, the menu includes a vertical scrollbar.

I'm trying to implement a similar capability in my NB app. JList seems to require too much real-estate - I need a compact, "popup" solution. And, JComboBox does not allow multiple selections.

I've looked at some possible solutions via Google search, but none of the examples seem to be fully working or to have the needed capabilities.

Any recommendations as to a solution for this? Commerically-available options are okay, as long as they work with NB and don't require the deployment-host platform to be running any special software (aside from libraries in the app itself).