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JDK7 and JLayer (aka JXLayer)

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Hi all,

Well I just discovered today that the JXLayer now forms part of the JDK7 release but is now called JLayer!! I think this is a very good thing but I have 2 question, most probably for Alex from Sun.

1) For those of us that are currently using JXLayer, will our code still work if/when we move across the JDK/JRE 7? Or will we have some porting to do?

2) There have obviously been some issues with the currently JXLayer4, which myself and others have highlighted and had some success in resolving especially in my case in regards to the scaling functionality. So as an example to what extent has the scaling bugs been resolved within the JLayer when scaling combo boxes and there popups or JMenu's and there menu items?



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It's looks like JDK 1.7 does not contains everything from JXLayer. I was using LockableUI from JXlayer and this class dos not seems to have equivalent on JDK 1.7.

Is Alex alive to give us advices from JDK 1.7 migration from people previously using JXlayer ?