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Some simple questions for the JDIC product.

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-At what sort of stage is development work on JDIC at?

-Is it available yet as a non beta, non repository "proper" download?
Does it exist as a collection of jar files? Has javadoc been published for this?
if possible, what is the download URL (the default button off the JDIC
homepage leads to a dead link) ?

-Can JDIC be used as a standlone browser, or is it a product which can target
the Desktop PC's default browser?

-As the latter, can it send HTML,CSS,Javascript code to the default browser?
How does this work in terms of GET and POST,
as well as the JSP and Servlet paradigm?

[can it function as a mini webserver to the default web browser]?

Which of these does it/ will it support?