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Re: [Feedback] Tags

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Nirgal Vourgère...
Joined: 2011-10-16

Hi Sonya

First, thank you for your reaction.

1. Tags

You can see the project has 46 tags on
Why is the project home page showing "Tags: None" ?


The archives were lost?? Wow....

However, with the tags, you can regenerate the tarballs.

By the way, several project hosting sites, like github, generate the tarballs automatically from tags. That would be a nice feature to have.

You can also do that manually. Example for version 0.2.2:
$ svn co
$ mv RELEASE_0_2_2 jdic-0.2.2
$ tar cvfz jdic_0.2.2.tar.gz jdic-0.2.2/

You can do that yourself, it's probably a matter of an hour work.

You could also download the last version from trusted sources like:

I'm willing to help, if nobody wants to fix that problem.
But then I'll need access, probably high level.
The developer mailing list has 2 messages this year, beside mine: The download problem was noticed in June in the mailing list, to which I'm sure they are subscribed. The problem still is not fixed. If suspect the admins are in deep hibernation, or missing in action. If you don't organize things, they won't fix by themselves.

On Monday 17 October 2011 15:14:45 you wrote:
> We've discovered in the last few months that CollabNet failed to send some of the documents that were on the old download pages when we migrated off of their infrastructure. That may be the case here.
> I've cc'd the JDIC project admins to see if they can help you with the project, and if they have any backups of the old downloads that could be uploaded to the site.
> Sonya Barry
> Community Manager
> On Oct 16, 2011, at 3:59 AM, wrote:
> > nirgal_v sent a message using the contact form at
> >
> > Hi
> > I'm looking for "stable" source code of jdic. When you look at subversion, you can see a lot of tags:
> >
> > But on the project main page, there no tag available.
> > What's worse for package maintainers, the download section now is completly empty!
> > Is that a general problem? Can I help get it fixed?