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You can increase the awt event trigger keyboard ? Movement of the universe is very slow !!

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I have created a virtual world with JAVA3D. The observer walks using the cursor keys.
The movement is very slow because awt has a very slow frequency of firing.

¿ Can be increased in java the frequency of the firing of these events ?
- Event of keyboard awt: java.awt.event.KeyEvent
- Event of mouse awt: java.awt.event.MouseEvent

It is possible? how it is possible to be done? Somebody can help?

The movement of the camera is recalculated adding a constant increase K to the present position
In each awt event cursor up the camera advances (increment) K units ( units of the virtual universe )

For a great value of K more speed is obtained and does a movement of video 'no' continuous. ''He is very annoying to observe''
¿ how I can eliminate this problem ?

For a small value of K a smooth movement of video is obtained ''but the speed is very very slow !''

See demonstration of the problem in the Web:
and start application press button by title: 'ENTRADA AL EXPOSITOR VIRTUAL'

Somebody can help me !!
( My excuses by the bad translation to the English. I am translating Spanish to English with a tool )