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Platform independence query

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Joined: 2011-06-26

I am looking to run a 3D applet through peoples browsers on the internet... Is this possible?

I believe to get things running you would need to install the j3dcore,j3dutils,vecmath jar files then set the classpath to point to them so your code can then import all the com.sun.j3d.* stuff it needs to run.

but which jar files to use seems to be dependent on the platform... they all are available for download here.

but that would mean interrogating a persons system, downloading the correct jar files then editing their classpath somehow. isn't there an easier way?

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Joined: 2006-08-07

There are a variety of ways this can be solved. Try a google search on "java3d applet install" also check out "JNLP". There are ways to have java3d installed that way as well.

Joined: 2011-06-26

Looked up 'java3d applet install' all i could ascertain from all the links on the first two pages is that many others have the same problem of trying to get a java3d applet to run on whatever platform it is downloaded to. Is there a specific link that provides an answer to this problem?

Ok I understand it is possible to get that 3d applets should work if you install java3d manually first... as outlined for windows systems here:

But that doesn't mean the applet is a 'run anywhere' applet, and it obliges the user to do lots of install work before getting it going.

True JNLP is a good way to get Java3d code running across the web without the user having to do anything, but it means that users have to agree to a prompt to download the application, and then it runs within a seperate window, not the browser.

OK the code will run this way (which is good.. well done java!) but its not really what I would ideally like.

Ideally I would like it to run as an applet within a webpage on the browser, that downloads reasonably quickly, without it worrying the user with prompts.