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multiple JFames one "splitted" Canvas3D

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Hi Guys,

im new to J3D so this mitght be an very stupid question.

i'm trying to split my J3D program on more than one Jframe to view it(each part of the canvas3d) on multiple PCs over network.

if my canvas3d is for example 200x200 px. i'm trying to spit it that i can show it in 4 different JFram windows.

JFrame frame1 = new JFrame("one");

frame1.getContentPane().add(canvasPART1, "Center");



frame2.getContentPane().add(canvasPART2, "Center");

.... and so on (i hope you get it ;) )


1. Window:

x = 0 to 100 px

y = 0 to100 px

2. Window

x = 100 to 200 px

y = 0 t0 100 px

and so on

but how can i split the canvas3d object? or is there better posibility?

best regards