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Mapping on inner surface of sphere

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Joined: 2012-06-11

hey guys, i just registered on this page and wondered if you could help me with the following problem: I am jsut trying to map a panorama-pic on an inner surface of a sphere. To point it out, i am looking for a solution without using tessellation. Does anyone know any similar and already existing solution for this problem? Yet, I have already got this pic on the inner surface but it keeps repeating itself (8times).

setBoundaryModeT(int boundaryModeT)
Sets the boundary mode for the T coordinate in this texture object.

boundaryModeT - the boundary mode for the T coordinate. One of: CLAMP, WRAP, CLAMP_TO_EDGE, or CLAMP_TO_BOUNDARY.

I have tried all of these input parameters but unfortunately they did not work out.

Does anyone know to help me?