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Java3D scene info loader

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Hi everybody,
I have 3D model in VRML97 format and X3D format. I am using standart vrmlloader and x3d loader from InteractiveMesh. I'd like to create an application which will show loaded model with sceengraph(TG dependencies, material and geometry informations, backgroud info, etc.). I found nice example on InteractiveMesh for Xj3D, but it was only as a screenshot. Do you have any experience or examples with showing scene informations?

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the screenshot was taken from my Java 3D authoring tool which allows importing, exporting, and interacting with arbitrary Java 3D scenes. Unfortunately, the scene tree feature can't be 'extracted' into an independent API.

Have a look here:

- Daniel Selman's Java3dTree package (JAR file; includes sources, too) in 'Killer Game Programming in Java' -> Chapter 15 -> Downloads

- J3DWorkbench (no support for VRML and X3D)