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Java 3D and JDK7 on Mac

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The following message is forwarded from the issues mailing list.

Note that the specific bug in question was filed by a user of the old Apple-provided Java 3D 1.3.1. The open-source version of Java 3D for Mac uses JOGL for rendering rather than going directly to apple.awt, so it won't have the same issue, but JOGL itself could have a similar issue.

-- Kevin


Hi, Java3D team,

I hope this alias (found at is not dead, so anyone will read my email.

Here is a bug recently filed against AWT on Mac:

It's specific to JDK7, which is not released yet, but will be GA pretty soon. The problem is caused by Java3D using Apple JDK6 internal classes like apple.awt.CGraphicsDevice, which are not available in Oracle JDK7.

I honestly don't know how this problem can be resolved or workarounded. From AWT/Java2D point of view, 7124557 is not a bug and can be closed, but it would not magically make Java3D work with JDK7 on Mac. Some solution is to be provided, so here is my email.