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How to make a dynamic Text2D?

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I've started coding in J3D a couple weeks ago and it's ok, a couple issues here and there but nothing i couldn't work my mind round eventually.

That is until now, I want to display some data about an object on screen as it moves about on screen with respect to a defined animation.

I know i should either be using a behaviour class linked to the object or try something along the lines of a TextInterpolator but I can't quite wrap my head around how to do it. I did try bodging a Text2D class with nothing being displayed.

Any help or advice would be nice. Or, if somebody knows of some code that does roughly want I need, that would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks, Navpoc

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This is the type of situation for which I wrote proxy classes for J3DWorkbench. There is one called Text2DProxy.class, which wraps a plain Text2D node, and which can listen for events that, when the required criteria are met, updates the text string on the Text2D object (this requires taking the node off the graph first). You may want to check out the latest version here: