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Question: How do I set up GeometryInfo using the BY_REFERENCE mode? (and before you ask, Yes I've tried searching the internet, and the only thing I found that helps is the API documentation).
I was able to successfully make a program that uses the BY_REFERENCE mode with regular geometryArrays, but how can this be done using GeometryInfo?
GeometryInfo does have a method: "getGeometryArray()" that can take three boolean parameters: byRef, interleaved, and nio. So I figured I must use this method.
What I'm aiming to do with this: I'm trying to create a program that allows for a user to click on the Canvas3D and create geometry. (Much like some 3D modeling engines).
After the user creates 3 points, he/she can select the first point created. This will indicate that one face has been created, which will update the GeometryInfo's stripCount.
So a triangle would appear using the three vertices made by the user.
Please post any help regarding using GeomtryInfo with BY_REFERENCE, and how that can be used with GeometryUpdater.
Thanks for taking your time to read this. -Nick.