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Draw double sided vertices

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Hi everybody,

i have an obj file (wavefront) and loaded it with java 3d and i saw that the vertices are only drawn on 1 side and the result looks like the picture "Chair1.jpg" that i attached.

I've opened the obj file with poseray too and there i saw an option called "draw double sided". If you uncheck this field the chair appears exactly like in picture chair1.jpg

Is there a possibility in Java3D to draw the vertices doubled sided? That the result is like picture "Chair2.jpg"

If i cant draw them double sided, what else can i do?

Thanks in advance!

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Set the polygon attributes of the obj-Shape3D Appearance (objAppear) as follows:

PolygonAttributes polyAttr = new PolygonAttributes();<br />
polyAttr.setBackFaceNormalFlip(true);<br />


Joined: 2012-02-29

Thats it!!

Thank you very much.

Im a little confused right now, java 3d is not the only library i've tested (JReality, LWJGL..) and they got all one thing in common.

They all need a lot of main memory for displaying 3d models. I have a 3d model with 30MB (uncompressed, obj format) that needs about 400-500MB main memory.

But Java3D doesnt consume that much memory, it needs only 150MB. I thought it was because of the single side drawn vertices but now that i draw them double sided it still doesnt use more than 160MB? How come?