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Creating a seabed surface from a point cloud

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I've already written code in Java3D that displays a seabed model made up from regular sections through it. The sections are a metre apart and have a few hundred points each, so it was easy to make a TriangleStripArray.

Now I have a harder problem. I have denser data that's not readily converted into strips, it's more of a point cloud. I'm aware that converting a point cloud into some form of geometry isn't the easiest thing in the world, but perhaps the fact that mine is basically a fairly flat seabed can make it easier?

I've thought of making a regular grid with a point every few cm, but that's not going to show the true data set but a slightly modified version.

Any suggestions for rendering my data would be gratefully accepted! I'm no expert in Java3D but I'm an experienced Java programmer and as I mentioned I've already made this work with a more easily organised data set.

Thanks in advance :-)