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Collisions between objects in differenct locales

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Will WakeupOnCollisionMovement() processStimulus() be called if the two 'colliding' objects are attached to differenct locales?


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unfortunately, no!

As I never tried it before and the Java 3D specs, books, etc. don't give any hints about this subject I adapted the Java 3D sample program 'org.jdesktop.j3d.examples.collision.TickTockCollision'.

At first, I created a second Locale instance with a slightly different HiResCoord and added one of the two objects and the corresponding CollisionDetector-Behavior to its BranchGroup. The flying cube in the first Locale still hit this object but no collision was signaled.

Secondly, I created a second CollisionDetector-Behavior instance and added this one also to the first Locale. Now a collision was signaled but before the flying cube hit the object.

After checking the internal sources my conclusions are:

- A WakeupOnCollisionXXX criterion is tested only against objects in the Locale of its corresponding Behavior.
- A collison test doesn't take into account the spherical offset due to the Locale's HiResCoord.

Typically different Locales are chosen if sub-scenes have distances above the value range of single-precision floating-point values.

If your Locales' volumes do intersect and the objects can really collide would it be feasible to add all these objects into one Locale?


Joined: 2011-01-26

Many thanks for the confirmation. I too have made a few 'experimental' scenes, to no avail: no collisions apparent between objects in different locales.
Also unfortunately, many of my scene objects are the definition of 'widely moving' and require periodic 're-attaching' to different Locales. I was going to use collisions to 'sense' which Locale to attach to. I however have a 'work around' in place, not involving J3D collision detection.
Once again, many thanks for the information.