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collada loader for java3d

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Joined: 2012-01-24

Hi, i've to load a .dae files in my java application, can anyone suggest mi how to do that?

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Joined: 2012-03-08

hi, i've the same problem. pleaseeee help me

Joined: 2012-03-11

What about that stuff?

Or that one?

I did not test it yet, just got into that myself recently, but looks quite professional.

Frankly speaking, that lack of importers for Java 3D engines such as Java3D itself for different formats just plain sucks. It happens everywhere in Java world. Everyone seems to be satisfied with that disabled bloated obj format or sorry-you-have-more-than-65536-verts 3ds format. How can that be? To my mind, if you are doing a 3d engine, loaders to all formats is one of the first things that you have to provide, otherwise who needs the engine? Java is fast these days and probably the only reason why there are not much 3D games written in it is this very cause that I am struggling with for several months for different engines already. And everytime - does this or that converter succeed in importing your model depends mostly on luck. Too bad I am too far from 3D maths guru to implement my own laoders (((