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Background objects in compatibility mode

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I was wondering if one ever tried to use a Background object in combination with the compatibility mode...?

I construct a nice cylinder (radius 1.f and decorate it with a panorama picture. In the default mode it works out quite nicely and I am within the cylinder and do experience a nice background.

But I do have to manipulate the projection matrix... (doing AR). I therefore switched the View with view.setCompatibilityModeEnable(true);

Everything works out nicely except for the background which now appears as a canvas-filling object in the very background of the scene. To make that clearer: I now look at the cylinder from the outside.

Moving and rotating in the world still work as expected, but not for the background. It does not translate (as expected) and rotates as if it were placed around the origin (as expected), but only with the effect that it appears from the outside.

Anybody seen this effect and found a solution?

Thanks already and cheers,