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PCX writer support

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I have a need to write PCX file (yes, I know the file format is ancient) but where can I find the writer for it? It doesn't appear to be in the JDK 6/7 and it wasn't in the JAI core. I see a closed JIRA for it.

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Hello nickarls,

You can write your own codec for JAI operators "fileload" and
"filestore". It has been a while since I wrote them but if you look at
internet archives of my 2006 project hdr-codec (on the back burner for


I am sure you can hack your way.

While trying to point you some PCX specs I stubled upon:

that seems to have some code for an image-io PCX codec. image-io
allows one to read images with the core JDK libraries. There exists a
project called jai-imagei-io that exposes two operators "imageread"
and "imagewrite" that works through image-io.


Joined: 2005-11-21


Thanks for your reply, I managed to find the PCX classes in imageio and stripped them down to the bare minimum of the writer + spi + constants + metadata + one method from ImageUtil.