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Losing xMin and yMin from scale operation when getting as BufferedImage

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// scale the image
ParameterBlockJAI scalePb= new ParameterBlockJAI("scale");
scalePb.setParameter("xScale", 10 / image.getWidth());
scalePb.setParameter("yScale", 10 / image.getHeight()); 
scalePb.setParameter("xTrans", xTrans); //xTrans 100
scalePb.setParameter("yTrans", yTrans); // yTrans 100
RenderedOp scaledImage = JAI.create("scale", scalePb);

scaledImage.geMinX() // == 100
scaledImage.geMinY() // == 100

BufferedImage bi = scaledImage.getAsBufferedImage();

bi.getMinX() // == 0, what happened?
bi.getMinY() // == 0 what happend?

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Joined: 2005-08-08

going from memory bufferedimages are always 0 based when it comes to mix/miny

aside, getAsBufferedImage trigger a full copy of the inpur rendered
image as it is a planar image subclass.

Simone Giannecchini