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JAI install question

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Joined: 2011-02-16


I have been trying to install the JAI 1.1.3 and everywhere I search it sends me to the following link :

it says that the page no longer exists but I have not been able to find its replacement or new location. Would somebody be able to point me to the new location.


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Joined: 2011-02-16

Sorry if I am not meant to reply to my own post but I found a different place to get the installers:

But now that I have them installed I have a quick question about the differences between the different installs. I know that I should at least install the JDK version as I am working on developing a project using JAI and that if somebody is just going to be running my application they would probably just go for the JRE version. However many of my target users will not know much at all about java and I will want to make installation as easy as possible so I was thinking of just bundling the jai libraries with my application as another option. Not particularly efficient but easier for the user. But I read somewhere that JAI would perform better if it was properly installed into the jre as it could take better advantage of the hardware. Is this through or applicable as I don't really understand it. If it did increase performance then it would definetly be worth it as my application will be pretty performance intensive.
I would really appreciate peoples input to this. On a side note I still have the demos etc from jai 1.1.2 as I was not able to find them for 1.1.3 and was just wondering if there are any out there and if yes are they any difference.

Thanks in advance