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jai-imageio-webstart binaries now unsigned!

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The jai-imageio-webstart binaries are now failing due to being unsigned

Until one of the powers that be can rectify this - soon please! - does
anyone have any suggestions as to a workaround, eg; where to download
the source and how to host the webstart binaries individually perhaps?

Cheers all,


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Related thread:

Our solution for JAI (not specifically JAI ImageIO) was to just re-sign the jars ourselves and host them. Full details are in the forum post.


Joined: 2011-10-12

Thanks for the reply Eric and the link to that post - that explains it for me. I'll do as you outlined in that thread, and will be glad to host the jai jars myself. I guess by Oracle providing unsigned jars that enables us users to do just that - sign then host them!