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How to get white background instead of default black background.

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I am currently using TranslateDescriptor and MosaicDescriptor to merge some images (separate JPEGs) into a single image. I am fine-tunning the pixel-mapping translations for source-image 1 and source-image 2 to fit it correctly in my resulting image dimension and aspect ratio (all done in a matrix array.) However, since the source-images aren't fitting well, I am seeing black-backgrounds in all the "gaps" of the merged image.
I know that means - JAI is rendering it as a blank-space in its canvas, but how do I make it white-color instead of the default blank-black?

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Set the mosaic ParameterBlock backgroundValues to white
double[] backGroundColor = new double[] {255.0, 255.0, 255.0};
mosaicParams.set(backGroundColor, 4);