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Where are the binary releases

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Joined: 2011-01-05

I'm trying to locate the page to download jai-imageio. It used to be here, but that link doesn't seem to work any more:
Is the site just down right now, or did it move?

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Joined: 2005-07-20

Somebody decided to re "organize" what was working and broke all the links. More, download links seen some days ago on and moved away...
[...] "The migration was huge effort. Over 1400 projects were migrated (and some 30 projects are left to go). A large part of the migration was a big cleanup of abandoned projects. With the high abandonment rate of open source projects, the was a lot to remove. The new site is smaller, faster and now the percentage of good, current content is much higher." [...]
Anyhow, you still can download the builds from
Somebody decided, daily builds for jai-core are garbage...
Another place where you can look for builds is All the links are working? NOT... dear Community Manager Sonya Barry...
By the way, I checked today and my CVS, even smart cannot connect to the server. It seams that CVS was not good enough and was changed fo SVN. I'll give it a try another day.
Hope this help,

Joined: 2011-01-05

Thanks for the links.
I also found this site, which is a bit better than a raw list of files:
However, I didn't seem to locate one for the JAI package. It would be nice if there was a nice, official release page where it is clear on what file to get.
Interestingly, even Oracle's official link still have the invalid link: