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jai_imageio-1_1-lib-linux-i586-jdk.bin showing up corrupt

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Joined: 2008-04-22

Hi -

I am trying to install jai_imageio-1_1-lib-linux-i586-jdk.bin in RHEL 5. The syntax of the call to tail is wrong in the file (should be -n<number> instead of +<number>
but when I change it, the checksum shows the resulting file as corrupt. Same thing with jai_imageio-1_0_01-lib-linux-i586-jdk.bin. I am downloading the file as a binary, so I don't thing there is any trouble there.

Anything else I might try?

Garey Mills

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Joined: 2011-03-31

Hi Garey,

I was running into the same problem. As a simply workaround, I simply temporarily moved /usr/bin/tail to /usr/bin/tail.exe and then created a one-line script called /usr/bin/tail that contained this line:

exec /usr/bin/tail.exe -n "$@"

then run "chmod 755 /usr/bin/tail" and do your jai_imageio (or jai or whatever) install. This worked for me at least. After installing, simply "rm -f /usr/bin/tail; mv /usr/bin/tail.exe /usr/bin/tail" to restore your tail command.