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ImageIO.getImageReadersByFormatName("dicom") does not work

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Joined: 2011-02-23

Hello everyone

I have a problem related to javax.imageio.ImageIO as explained below:
Iterator<ImageReader> readersItrator = ImageIO.getImageReadersByFormatName("dicom");
readersItrator.hasNext() //ALWAYS RETURN FALSE
Please suggest me any solution.
Thanks in advance.

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Joined: 2011-06-30

If you download the binary package for the toolkit from and place the dcm4che2-imageio jar in your classpath, it should automatically pick up the new codecs and should appear when you run the code.

Joined: 2010-05-21

Dicom is not a format natively supported by jai. The dcm4che toolkit (in both 1.x and 2.x flavors) has an ImageReader implementation for dicom files.