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Next Generation java plugin issues

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Hi ,

We have a launcher app which usually displays all the application links in a page. When user clicks on a link a new browser window will be lanunched leaving the source page as it is....
This page developed in Oracle ADF. This page has a jsp:plugin- Applet. The objective of source page is to put the "cliked links URL" in to the request map.

<jsp:plugin type="applet"
height="0" codebase="../../jars/" width="0"
<jsp:param name="applicationURL"
<p>This feature should run on applet supported

On the other side the Applet read the Request parameter and launches the app in a new browser..
String appURL = getParameter("applicationURL");
if(appURL != null && appURL.length() > 0)
String WIN_PROGRAMFILES = System.getenv("programfiles");
String FILE_SEPARATOR = System.getProperty("file.separator");
String execUrl = WIN_PROGRAMFILES + FILE_SEPARATOR + "Internet Explorer" + FILE_SEPARATOR + "iexplore.exe "+ appURL;
System.out.println("Opening New IE Instance...");

This works fine as long as "Enable Next generation java plug-in" is checked in java control panel.
But when "Enable Next generation java plug-in" is Un-checked we are seeing multiple browsers are being launched for a single click.
That is because Applet is getting initialized multiple times... Is this a Plug-in problem?

Could some one please help?