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License information on using jai_codec.jar in commercial application.

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Hi All,

I want to use jai_codec.jar in a commercial application to convert .tif image files into .jpg format. I have written code that uses classes available in jai_codec.jar and odes the image type conversion, I am not required to use other jars(jai_core.jar, etc) available in the JAI library.

I have downloaded JAI 1.1.3 library available at ( and read all license files available in the zip file.After reading license files I am confused and have following questions regarding use of jar in a commercial application.
1) Can I use jai_codec.jar in a commercial application? what are the conditions/costs?
2) If I can use jar, can I package and distribute it with the commercial application? what are the terms and conditions.
3) Are there any other factors that I should be aware of before using jai_codec.jar in commercial application?

Thanks in advance.