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.Net XSD validation picks up more errors than Java, need to know full list of properties/features

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Hi All

Hmm, I tried the new Validation API using different sources to validate a large XML file (450 megs) against an XSD.

I proved that the StreamSource was the fastest (average 125 seconds, not bad!). I based my solution on these very useful examples:

Anyways, we tried the same exercise using a .NET solution, validating the same XML file against same XSD and it got 150 more errors than the Java solution did (Java got 10098).

So I'm now trying to establish why the descripancy, is it because .NET validator is more strict? So I need to know what properties/features is the default implementation setting true so I can compare to the ones being set for .NET.

Can anyone assist me with this list or even the full list? The only feature I seem to find on the Javadocs of JAXP 1.4.5 is