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merging files: transformer not including elements from document() in xsl script

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Hi Folks,
i wrote a xsl script merging to files:
1.) putting all the referenced elements in a variable (via a parameter who is passed into the scripted):

<xsl:param name="ForeignContentSource">Merge2.svg</xsl:param><br />
<xsl:variable name="mdodetails" select="document($ForeignContentSource)" />

2.) calling a copy-template for these referenced items:
2.1.) selecting the items when a special ID occurs
<xsl:template match="//svg:g[@id='graph1']"><br />
            <xsl:apply-templates select="$mdodetails//foreignObject"/><br />

2.2.) copying the items:
 <xsl:template match="@* | node()"  name="copy"><br />
        <xsl:copy><br />
            <xsl:apply-templates select="@* | node()"/><br />
        </xsl:copy><br />

When i execute this script with Oxygene (Saxon 8B, Saxon 6.5.5 or Xalan) everything works fine.
The Output is like:

&lt;svg&gt;&lt;g&gt;[...some copied elements from original inputfile...]&lt;importedObjectFromXmlDoc1/&gt;&lt;importedObjectFromXmlDoc2/&gt;&lt;importedObjectFromXmlDoc3/&gt; [...] &lt;/g&gt; &lt;/svg&gt;

But calling this script via JAXP leaves out all importedObjectFromXmlDoc-elements:
&lt;svg&gt;&lt;g&gt;[...some copied elements from original inputfile...]&lt;/g&gt; &lt;/svg&gt;

I implemented the URIResolver like this (seems to work, debugging gave me the right file):
class MergeUriResolver implements URIResolver 
public Source resolve(String href, String base)
throws TransformerException {
File loadingFile = new File(&quot;src\\parsing\\&quot;+href);
StreamSource ss = new StreamSource(loadingFile);
return ss;

and set up the UriResolver for the Transformator-Factory:
transFactory.setURIResolver(new MergeUriResolver());
Well, i have no idea, why Oxygene gives me the correct result, but JAXP does not.
Both files to be merged are SVG files. Help is pretty much appreciated.
Kind Regards

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Joined: 2011-03-25

ok, problem found. its a xml validation issue.
thread can be closed.