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Jax-ws wrong soap:address location in the wsdl

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Joined: 2010-10-13

Hello, I have a little trouble with my webservice (or maybe with my server!)

I developed a webservice that will run on a weblogic server balanced by a webserver that remap in a subcontexroot like this:

WEBSERVER map http://domanin/application -> APPSERVER

my application in APPSERVER has this contextroot: "/webserver" than the "userTel" webservice answer at: http://domanin/application/webservice/userTel

The trouble is here, because JAX-WS expose an invalid WSDL with this port:

<port name="userTel" binding="tns:userTelBinding">
<soap:address location="http://domain/webservice/userTel" />

Maybe it get the contextroot from weblogic... but how to solve it?

Thank you