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Getting Started with Java and XML.

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Joined: 2011-07-25

I'm developing a project using XML as a data source and various Java technologies for interpreting that data. I've got a desktop application (using Swing) an Android App and an interactive Website (using JSP?) in the pipeline, but I need to learn about using XML with Java technologies.

I gather that JAXP is something I should be looking at but can someone direct me to tutorials and information on how I can go about using XML documents with Java, some websites and ideally some good books on the subject.

It's all a little bewildering at the moment. I've found some sites but there's a lot of information to take in so some help would be appreciated.

My first step is to create a website which can read and process XML, I gather SAX is used for that? Though it seems like an old technology so I'm not sure if it's used any more or if it's the best system to use.

I'm quite inexperienced with Java but am fairly familiar with using XML and XLST, but I do need some guidance on getting started with the Enterprise Side of Java.