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wsgen & maven : how to ?

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Joined: 2012-01-26

I'm trying to use wsgen to generate client artifacts from an annotated class endpoint.

I have the following config in my pom.xml :


The build fails with the dreaded "Could not find class file for"

Trying a command line generation as below yeilds the same error :

C:\wsgen -cp C:\workspace\ibabi\trunk\ibabi-ws\ibabi-ws-service\target\classes -keep -s C:/workspace/ibabi/trunk/ibabi-ws/ibabi-ws-service/target/generated-sources/artifacts

PS : specifying the classes folder in the classpath gets me the furthest in command line as putting the src folder instead just results in an input error.

I'd really appreciate any help on this one. Spent a whole day searching for the solution and it seems like a load of people are stumped by this.