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Using existing Exception class for @WebFault

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I am creating server and client code from WSDL.
On the server side it seems that I can throw existing (non-ws-adapted) exceptions if the WSDL declarations match.
On the client side however, I cannot reuse existing exceptions since these neither have @WebFault annotations nor "setters".
Would it be complely insane if the following extension was added to WS:

@WebFault(name = "MyException", targetNamespace = "")
public class Wrapper_Exception extends MyException

    public Wrapper_Exception(String message, MyExceptionBean faultInfo) {
        super(faultInfo.getArg0 (), faultInfo.getArg1 (), etc etc);
        this.faultInfo = faultInfo;

and instead of (somewhere deep inside of the WS-stack...) throw nicely initiated MyException instead of Wrapper_Exception.
I.e. if the Wrapper_Exception is not derived from Exception, the WS run-time would throw super.wrapper.
Currently the construct above doesn't run at all.