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A possible bug in AnnotationProcessingTask

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Hi everybody.

I'm working with JDK6 EE, on Windows systems (both XP and 7), and Tomcat 7.
I've been trying JAX-WS RI as an alternative to axis2 for some projects.

So, I'm developing a test jax-ws web service, say MyService.
I work with Eclipse Juno and ant build file.

I've attached my build.xml here (renamed build.txt).

Now, everything works fine if the pathname, {$srcdir}, after sourceDestDir doesn't contain any blanks, otherwise there's a blocking error.
In fact, it's okay if basedir=C:/Users/Ravagli/workspace/MyService, but it fails if
basedir=C:/Documents and Settings/Ravagli/workspace/MyService.

Of course there's plenty of workarounds, but I wonder if I'm ignoring some option or so.

Best regards
Virgilio Ravagli

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