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Message Size Quoats in JAX-WS Client

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Hi everybody,

I've set up a testing environment where a .NET WCF Web Service is beeing consumed by a Java Client. I used the wsimport-tool to create proxy classes and everything else from the service's WSDL-File. So far so good.

Now I experience issues, if the Web Service Response is too large. I receive the "connection reset"-Exception and that's it. If I alter some parameters which are being sent to the Web Service, then everything works just fine and the response reaches the client. In the first place, I checked the network connection, firewall settings et cetera but couldn't find anything. Then i tried a .NET CLient and the same error occurs. Almost. The .NET Client tells me that the message size exceeds the default value and once I've changed that within the binding configuration of the client, it works perfectly.
Also, I applied logging and debugging for WCF Services but there are neither errors nor warnings to be found anywhere.

Now is my question: Where and how can I simply change the MessageReceiveSize for the Java Client? I would like it very much, if I only have to insert a few lines and can go on using the proxy classes from the wsimport-tool.

The WCF Service uses BasicHttpBinding and both, service and consumer, communicate via SOAP.

Any help is highly appreciated.